Version 2   01/06/2008, to be tested for accuracy and usability before being made prettier.



This is a gateway to


Mathematics – the   Practical, the Logical, and the Beautiful,


Benjamin Baumslag and Frank Levin


This book is intended for:

·       Readers who liked mathematics at school but never studied it further.

·       Young people with mathematical talent.

·       Teachers who are looking for inspirational material for school. 


This book is available in many formats.  The authors are not asking for a cash payment.  Instead they would like people to download at least 2 different versions, and provide feedback at least twice. 




Feedback 1 should be an e-mail to

Tell me who you are, and tell me about your mathematical background.

What versions did you decide to download, and why did you choose those particular versions?

Are the instructions for downloading clear and accurate?

If, in future, we can only include one download possibility, which should it be?

Tell me about the computer system you are using.

Include any other comments which you think might be useful or interesting.



Feedback 2 should be another e-mail to

Tell me if you have actually looked at the book, or if you have taken up under-water motor cycling and so have neither the time nor inclination to look at it.

Use all the versions you downloaded and tell me how they compare, and which version you land up using.

We would like to know if people print all or part of the book, or if they use only the screen version


I think I know how I would read and study the book, but before advising people to try my methods, I would like feedback on other people’s experiences.


The authors would also appreciate feedback on the contents of the book.


If you don’t tell me you have abandoned the book, and more than 6 months has elapsed since the last feedback, I will send you a nagging reminder.




Start by creating a separate folder for each downloaded version, and remember we want you to try at least 2 different methods.


The book is available as an MS Word document, a pdf file, or an html web page.

Downloads can be the full file, a normal zipped version of the original file, or a self-extracting zip file with the extension .exe.

If your firewall does not prevent you running it, the exe files are probably the easiest to install.

I am assuming that everyone getting this far does not need detailed installation instructions.  If you want more details then let me know.







Self extracting Word doc


Self-extracting pdf




Zipped Word document


Zipped pdf




MS Word document


pdf document


Web page



When the web page was created from the original Word document, format changes were automatically made.  Let us know if they affect usability.


The pdf files were created using the Word defaults.  There may be other settings available which make the files more useable.